Tibetan scholar Gedun Choephel was an iconoclast pure and simple. Here is a column I wrote about him which sort of corroborates this.

Gedun Choephel and the Snow Lion
Bhuchung K. Tsering

Tibetan Review, March 2007

Any Tibetan who considers himself or herself as being educated, modern-minded, or just “different” will lose no time in swearing by the name of Gedun Choephel. After all, he embodied the dissatisfaction of all Tibetans at the status quo of our system and championed the call for a virtual social revolution in Tibet.

Gedun Choephel’s writings included Gyalrab Debther Karpo (The White Annals), Ludup Gonggyen (Ornament of Nagarjuna’s Thoughts), guide to major pilgrimage sites in India, and Dhoepay Tenchoe (The Art of Love).  I was however intrigued by one of his shorter writings called Riwo Himalay Tenchoe (Treatise On the Himalayan Mountains).

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