I recently came across this article of mine that I had written for the now defunct Tibetan World Magazine in 2007.  I have not posted this on my blog here before. The issues I have raised in this, specifically how we approach our history, vis-a-vis Bon, is something that every Tibetan should ponder.

What do you think?

We Need to Revisit Tibetan History
Tibetan World Magazine

January  2007
By Bhuchung K. Tsering

I grew up with the traditional perspective of Tibetan history. It began with the beginning of the Tibetan race when Chenresig, manifesting in a monkey, and Jetsun Dolma, manifesting in a rock ogress, mated, and went on to the origin of the Tibetan kingdom, the rule of the Choegyals, the earlier and later spread of Buddhism, the rule of the Dalai Lamas, the Chinese occupation and the present situation, etc.

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