Kusug Sangpo (or Kuzoo Zangpo) everyone.  Here is something for your listening pleasure.  Yes, I am saying it right! Even though this is a blog, I would like to draw your attention away from the text and to the footage below being that of a gentleman from Bhutan by the name of Leki.

It is no secret that I have some interest in Bhutan and thus try to follow the happenings in that country. I came across this footage while reading the blog of a Bhutanese politician, Tshering Tobgay.  Interestingly, Tshering Tobgay la is a rare breed. He is the only other member of the Bhutanese Parliament who belongs to the opposition party. Added to this is the fact that he is the Leader of the Opposition.

Anyway, back to Leki and his aural capability. I am amazed at his ability to mimic birds of different feathers, mammals like a crying child, a barking dog, even inanimate objects like a jacket zipper being closed or the playing of the flute and the trumpet.  The best way to enjoy this footage is to watch this first and then replay it with your eyes closed.

Here is Tashi Delek to Leki la.