I woke up today with some sort of trepidation.  Today is March 10, the anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising of 1959. More pertinent, it is the first anniversary of the Tibet-wide demonstration that we saw last year.

In days leading up to today, Tension has been building up. The Chinese authorities were definitely on tenderhooks even though they attempted to show a brave face voicing the now well known slogan of normalcy in Tibet (notwithstanding that they had to close all Tibetan areas to foreigners, restrict the movement of Tibetans, block all communication channels as reported by a crew from a French TV, France24).  Reports had been coming out from Tibet about sporadic protests, including an attempt at self-immolation in recent days. This was happening despite the severe clampdown on Tibetan people by the authorities. Continue reading “What would happen in Tibet ?”