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March 2009

South Africa Loses Moral High Ground over Dalai Lama

What could have been one of the several “peace” conferences that concerned personalities throughout the world convene turned out to be not only a loss of face but also of its moral standing for the South African Government.

The plot unvieled like this.  Continue reading “South Africa Loses Moral High Ground over Dalai Lama”

What does one mean by a successful Tibetan?

How does one define success? This is something that I grapple on a daily basis. On a broader level, this 50th year of the Tibetan life in exile leads one to review the nature of the success of the community as a whole. A book compiling the feelings of individual Tibetans is already being planned by a well known Indian personality.

Just the other day, I read this interesting article in the Outlook magazine. Those who read it know that it is lively. The latest issue (online version) carries the article titled “TIBET: SUCCESS STORIES Free Tibet Inc Fifty years after a trans-Himalayan exodus, Tibetans scale professional heights with elan …”
It profiles four succcessful Tibetans, one of the 1959 generation and three others of the post-1959 generation. Kunsang Tanzin is a businessman based in New Delhi. During his college days he created history of sort by standing as a candidate for the much sought after position on the board of the Delhi University Students Union. I have been following his development from a distant and am glad that he has continued to balance his work with community involvement.

The three others are Tenzin Choesang (a lawyer), Tenzin Choklay (a chef) and Sonam Tseten (a media professional).  They (and others not profiled but who are there all over the Indian subcontinent as well as the West) represent the new generation of Tibetans. They are the resurgent Tibetans. They are the future.

The magazine also carries a commentary by B.N. Raman, a former Indian intelligence officer, who talks about the latest development in Tibet.

Memories Evoked by a Tibetan’s Novel

For the past some days I had the occasion to relive my college-day experiences in Delhi University through the novel Falling Through the Roof by Thupten Samphel.

Although I entered college just as Samphel la was about to graduate we were in the same generation of students that had a similar social experience. The Novel follows the activities of a group of Tibetan students in Delhi University; their joys Continue reading “Memories Evoked by a Tibetan’s Novel”

What would happen in Tibet ?

I woke up today with some sort of trepidation.  Today is March 10, the anniversary of the Tibetan Uprising of 1959. More pertinent, it is the first anniversary of the Tibet-wide demonstration that we saw last year.

In days leading up to today, Tension has been building up. The Chinese authorities were definitely on tenderhooks even though they attempted to show a brave face voicing the now well known slogan of normalcy in Tibet (notwithstanding that they had to close all Tibetan areas to foreigners, restrict the movement of Tibetans, block all communication channels as reported by a crew from a French TV, France24).  Reports had been coming out from Tibet about sporadic protests, including an attempt at self-immolation in recent days. This was happening despite the severe clampdown on Tibetan people by the authorities. Continue reading “What would happen in Tibet ?”

Tibetan Long Life Offering to the Dalai Lama

This morning, the Tibetan Government-in-Exile made a Tenshug offering to His Holiness the Dalai Lama in Dharamsala. Irrespective of whether one understood the proceedings or not, the ceremony was deeply moving. The ceremony included the participation of most of the high ranking Tibetan lamas from all the religious lineages. There were the Khadromas (sky walkers) and the oracles. You really have to watch the scene when the oracles come into trance. The three oracles spent what I thought was a considerable period of time before His Holiness’ throne. I assume that they were conveying their prophesy to him. Continue reading “Tibetan Long Life Offering to the Dalai Lama”

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